Clash Of Clans Bot 4.0

Clash Of Clans Bot 4.0 1


[*]Collecting Mines/pumps with Collect resources disabled
[*]Bot not clearing shield after Take-A-Break, and not attacking loop
[*]Barracks mode with an additional dark troops training issues
[*]Slow close of Profile Report window creating errors and not attacking loops
[*]Bot doesn’t pre-cook dark troops
[*]Training troops capacity problem, trouble reading number “2”
[*]Balloons in First slot position during attack returning the incorrect number
[*]TH Snipe not deploying Hero’s or Clan Castle
[*]BS but not CoC opened when bot 1st started
[*]Boosting barracks confuses troop training
[*]Wallbreaker training issues
[*]Rare problem with reading “a” and “o” in building text OCR
[*]Unbreakable mode unnecessary farming due default values reversed
[*]Added Y offset to auto windows arrange to fix bad positions
[*]Donated troops not subtracted from camp properly, and train not adding troops properly
[*]Temporarily removed automatic version check due issues with GitHub repo
[*]Upgrade lab occasionally not reading values correctly for page 2 of lab upgrades
[*]Gem window not always closing if out of elixir during troop training
[*]modified open BS to stop a random recursive loop event
[*]village search not seeing OOS for 5 loops and going inactive and losing trophy


[*]Zoom out not working if user has black pixels in same place as window check
[*]Removed wall upgrade disable if code cannot find anymore walls to upgrade, keeps trying forever even if it’s hopeless
[*]Changed minimum troop requirements for unbreakable mode based on the attack dead base setting
[*]Troop training and balancing code adjusted for fewer out of balance events during TH Snipe
[*]Adjusted log messages for “out of Elixir” during training to show type of elixir
[*]Reset fast attack flag if Take-A-Break event happens to avoid rare looping issues due multiple errors.
[*]Increased Village search max wait times to compensate for slow PC with variable loop to not impact normal PC
[*]Changed barracks mode training to add max number of troops for lvl10 barracks
[*]Increased searching speed by removing unnecessary weak base searching, if other resource conditions are not met.
[*]Process to stop and Start BS/CoC for OOS or other errors
[*]Changed close BS code to include a stop of all processes and services.
[*]change order of profile report and village report to avoid replication of function calls.


Clash Of Clans Bot 4.0 2

[*]Error trap, and restart BS when BS is not running to avoid getBSPos crash
[*]Missing icons for Dark spells used in Lab Upgrade GUI
[*]Code to remove ghost icons created by restarting BS
[*]Button to misc tab to reset all building information by deleting building.ini
Essential software :
READ this before install the new bot :

[*]Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
[*]Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
[*]Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
[*]BlueStacks App Player Superuser BSEasy ROOT by @swvr (Recommended)
[*]The latest drivers for your graphics device
[*]Clash Game Bot v4.1.1


clash of clans bot
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