Action Adventure

MFP My-friend-pedro

    Description:   Play My Friend Pedro, a free shooter game from apksniper. Your friend Pedro is a banana that helps you defeat bad guys as it guides…

Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert

Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert is the colourful, fun sequel to the challenging defences game, Carrot Fantasy! With more weapons at your disposal than ever, your objective is to protect…

Quantum Patrol 2

Welcome to the long awaited sequel Quantum Patrol 2 sponsored by! New controls Scheme, fly like a lander, fight like a shooter with totally new 15 levels. Enjoy!…

Diego`s Safari Adventure

Jambo! Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar are visiting their friend Juma in Africa. Juma tells them the story of the elephants and how, once upon a time, the mean…

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